New York Primaries are today! | NYC Photographer

When I Grow Up NYC Primary Hillary Clinton

New York  Primaries are today! Presidential election time is always an exciting and emotional time for me. Am I the only one who gets attached to my favorite candidate? Or gets nervous when there are no potential “winners” in your eyes? Regardless of what you feel about the candidates, it is so important to exercise your right to vote. Each step of the way. Primaries included! We all haven’t always had the right to vote, so I never take it for granted!

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My Annual Birthday Portraits – Always Document You!

blogger annual birthday portraits

I stepped on the scene in 1981… well maybe more so pushed my way into this place. I will be honest, every year I battle with the joy of another birthday versus the fear of getting older. Joy always wins by a landslide of course and I spend time traveling or partying with friends. Though in the middle of all of this I am always sure to stop and document my milestone with birthday portraits. I love having photos to look back on my life in its different stages. This year I decided to dress both up and down, while praising the year I was born, as well as my sole journey as an only child.

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My new Grey Ant Status Sunglasses

Grey Ant Status shades sunglasses
First of all I must proclaim that I may be the most picky sunglasses buyer in the world. They must fit certain specifications, and only a select few will fit my face nicely. So when I saw the Status shades by Grey Ant  I tried them on out of pure curiosity. Just how funny would they look on me? Well surprise, surprise! I actually looooved them on me. 

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Looking Fly While You Fly – Airport Outfit


Last week I had to take a quick trip back to Grenada (was just there for Xmas & New Year’s Holiday) to photograph my cousin’s wedding. Being that it was a short trip I tried to pack light including my airport outfit. Its tough going from a cold climate to a tropical island. Plus carrying a heavy coat during a long layover is no fun at all. So I decided that I would dress in layers. First off, I knew I wanted to head straight out for drinks with my friends that were picking me up from the airport. I actually surprised them so I knew it would be a little party! Usually I don’t care what I wear for a flight as long as I am comfy, but this look had to be cute and comfy!

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Vision Board – my visual goal setting for 2015

vision board goals life

My birthday is coming! I like to think of my birthday as my own personal new year! While I am not one for resolutions I do like to set goals by writing them down in the affirmative. For example; It is 2015 and I am traveling to Greece with my girls in August. But to back up my goal writing for the year I thought it was a good idea to have something I would see everyday. You know.. some eye candy! After all I am a very visual person! What photographer isn’t?

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Nas Nas Nas is here! – My new blog

chicago outfit afro sneakers ootd new blog

Hello World!

I am so excited to introduce this new blog to the world. I have so many interests that I could go on and on about that I thought it would be fun to create a home for them all. From that comes Nas Nas Nas… thats me! Queen of random, human, and happy energy.

So who is Nas? Just a girl born in Brooklyn, NY during pisces season to young parents who filled her with love, compassion, loyalty and creativity. Growing up I wanted to be everything from a pediatrician to an R&B singer to a clinical psychologist. I even have a few “demo tapes.” (Shhhhhh don’t tell) Life has brought me into a photography career which I adore as it brings together so many of my loves.

Now on to the good stuff! What on earth will this blog be about?

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