My new Grey Ant Status Sunglasses

Grey Ant Status shades sunglasses
First of all I must proclaim that I may be the most picky sunglasses buyer in the world. They must fit certain specifications, and only a select few will fit my face nicely. So when I saw the Status shades by Grey Ant  I tried them on out of pure curiosity. Just how funny would they look on me? Well surprise, surprise! I actually looooved them on me. 

grey ant status sunglasses

I actually tried them on in black, which isn’t my best color. I am a browns and golds kind of girl. But regardless of color, the Grey Ant Status sunglasses immediately earned its way onto my list of must-haves. So I stalked them online and found that they came in Tortoise which was perfect for me! I wanted them but with their price tag it seemed smarter to wait on it. Just to be sure that I was having trouble living without them.

grey Ant Status sunglasses

Before long I was asked the magical question of,  “what would you like for your birthday?” Of course I didn’t ask for the shades, but they came up in conversation, and suddenly were on their way to me. Oh to be loved! I ripped open the package in delight and I must agree that “the good stuff is on the inside,” as the box clearly states. The best early birthday gift ever. I was able to take them to Grenada and they got plenty of wear on the beach.

grey ant status shades

Enough about how I met and fell in love with my new shades. These sunglasses are described by the maker as “thick plastic shades that feature an exaggerated 1950s shape.” They also come in grey, black and blue. The thick frame is one of the characteristics I love about them. They give edge to both casual and dressy looks.

grey ant status sunglasses

Check them out Grey Ant Status Sunglasses

Relaxing on Grand Anse Beach in Grenada wearing my Grey Ant Status Sunglasses

grey ant status sunglasses tortoise


Rocking my Grey Ant Status Sunglasses on Dr. Grooms Beach in Grenada

grey ant status sunglasses


  1. Niika February 27, 2015

    Great blog the shades

    • Nasilele March 9, 2015

      Thanks so much!


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