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Hello World!

I am so excited to introduce this new blog to the world. I have so many interests that I could go on and on about that I thought it would be fun to create a home for them all. From that comes Nas Nas Nas… thats me! Queen of random, human, and happy energy.

So who is Nas? Just a girl born in Brooklyn, NY during pisces season to young parents who filled her with love, compassion, loyalty and creativity. Growing up I wanted to be everything from a pediatrician to an R&B singer to a clinical psychologist. I even have a few “demo tapes.” (Shhhhhh don’t tell) Life has brought me into a photography career which I adore as it brings together so many of my loves.

Now on to the good stuff! What on earth will this blog be about?

My first and most important job is being a mother. I have a 12 year old son who I am raising as a single parent with love and support from family. I am excited to share this adventure. As he grows older I continue to learn more and more about motherhood. I used to wonder why there isn’t a handbook but now I know why. It just ins’t possible. You are constantly learning.

My son Ajani and I in Grenada, West Indies in 2013grenada family photographer new blog

My second love at the moment is travel! I will be sharing my travel experiences with you. Photos of beautiful scenery, people, and my adventures. I will discuss how to travel solo or with friends and family, as well as family travel as a single parent.

Silly me doing a cartwheel in Chicago by Cloud’s Gate. Summer 2014chicago cloudsgate bean cartwheel photographer new blog

I am also a doggy Mama and so she will be a part of my blog world. Her name is Halo and she is my angel. Halo has brought so much love into my life. Perfect companion!

This photo was taken when she was 7 weeks old. She will be 2 years old in May! Doggy party anyone?puppy morkie maltese yorkie dog new blog

Among what I have listed above I have so many more loves that I would like to share. Art, interior design, photography, natural hair care, and everyday fashion will also be a part of this blog.

Most of all I will be sharing my life with you! Life is an adventure in itself. With each smile and random thought I learn more and more about myself.

I am a child at heart and I realize it everyday. An evening swing in the Adirondacks on a trip to Lake Placid. August 2014blogger swing lake placid adirondacks new blog


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