Vision Board – my visual goal setting for 2015

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My birthday is coming! I like to think of my birthday as my own personal new year! While I am not one for resolutions I do like to set goals by writing them down in the affirmative. For example; It is 2015 and I am traveling to Greece with my girls in August. But to back up my goal writing for the year I thought it was a good idea to have something I would see everyday. You know.. some eye candy! After all I am a very visual person! What photographer isn’t?

What is a vision board? So glad that you asked. A vision board is a visualization tool that you can use to keep you focused on what you want in life.  You can whip out your arts and crafts skills and make a physical board,  or you can create one digitally. My Pinterest boards definitely serve as inspiration but they aren’t as focused as what I need for my goal setting.

So when my friend and business buddy Danielle asked that we create our vision boards together I jumped on it. It is always fun to do these things with the encouragement of like minded individuals. And I am happy to turn anything into a party. Well almost anything! So we got together to do our vision boards. Many cut up magazines and scraps of paper later I had something that was not only fun to look at but that really laid out what is important to me at this time. I immediately felt the desire to get to work on accomplishing what I had laid out. I am ready to take over the world!

A small peek at my vision board. Its pretty big. This part shows a few positive affirmations and my desire to travel.

vision board travel

What about you?  Have you ever created a vision board? How do you keep yourself focused on your goals?



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  1. […] I also have taken the time to write down my goals and am currently planning a day to create this year’s vision board with my boo Danielle  The Style and Beauty Doctor. You can see my vision board from last year here. […]


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